Create react app without CRA (using vite)

What is vite JS

Vite (French word for "fast") is a build tool that aims to provide a faster and leaner development experience for modern web projects.

Why we use Vite

Today most people use CRA

npx create-react-app

for starting a react project. Its very time consuming because it install many unused packages to the project.

Here, we use Vite for creating a react project. its less time consuming, because it only install necessary packages for the project.

When comparing to CRA, vite only take less time to start the server and updation.

So, here we start...

  • Install react app using vite

    npm init @vitejs/app my-react-app

  • Choose the variant Here vite asked for the app and varient. These are the technologies installed using vite js

    • vanilla
    • vanilla-ts
    • vue
    • vue-ts
    • react
    • react-ts
    • preact
    • preact-ts
    • lit-element
    • lit-element-ts
    • svelte
    • svelte-ts Then Choose a variable and hit enter. It create a folder named my-react-app and create the template files.
  • change the directory

    cd my-react-ap

  • Intsall dependencies

    npm installornpm i

  • Run development server

    npm run dev

Now we completed the installation.
Now you can open a editor and start the work.